ProgramME Starts on 12TH May 2024

21 Day Challenge

Ready for a Total Body Transformation?

3-week nutrition, movement & lifestyle challenge designed specifically for busy parents & young adults who want to shift away from the mid afternoon energy slump, brain fog and weight gain... find #AllDayEnergy, consistent clarity & ideal body weight.

Do any of these situations resonate with you?...

Lack of Energy

You're energy is up and down like a yo-yo. You have great intentions of getting going on a health journey but you lack the energy just to take the initial first steps. The idea of adding more 'work' in feels tiring already?

Lack of Time

Are you fed up with wanting to lose weight but feeling like you don't have the time or bandwidth to make big changes or spend hours doing elaborate meal prep or needing to fit long gym sessions into your schedule?

Lack of Support

You've wanted to make changes to your lifestyle but haven't had the people around you to give you the support that you need to follow through and not feel like your going though it on your own.

Too Many Things

You want to eat well but counting calories takes too much work and the differing information out there is overwhelming. You want to make changes to your life but there are too many curve balls that lead you toward's throwing in the towel?

If you identified with any of the above, you are not alone!

I was living a fast paced life, burning the candle at both ends and would have burned the sides too if there were wicks. I did everything you're usually told to do in order to be healthy. I trained consistently doing long intense fitness sessions. I ate what we're told is a well rounded diet. And yet, weight would not budge, my energy levels were like a yo-yo throughout the day and my mental clarity was hindered by brain fog... and I wasn't the best version of myself for my family!

I had come to believe that it was only an unimaginable amount of effort, not workable within the average modern life, that would ever allow me to overcome my 'poor genetics' and 'slow metabolism' to find my ideal body weight, all day energy, metal clarity and be free to move with ease and efficiency. This all changed when I decided to adopt a primal lifestyle - living in accordance with what our human DNA has come to expect over generations of evolution. And discovering that my genes are not a fixed entity...

This changed everything...


The 21 Day Reset

That’s exactly why I created The 21 Day Reset. I wanted to create a programme to help busy parents just like you to transition from energy dips, brain fog and weight gain toward effortless weight loss, mental clarity and all day energy as well as having the tools be able to set up your home for long-term success. Without having to find a crazy amount of time or push yourself through crazy workouts or restrictive, calorie counting, diets.

I'm also a big believer in positive community being a game changer when it comes to habit change - hence this being a group programme with daily, live interaction with your coach and classmates with similar goals.

Nutrition Guides

No calorie counting, set meals or bland flavourless food...our program is about nutritious, delicious meals designed to help you fire on all cylinders each and every day.

Movement Plan

Our recommendation for daily movement and exercise will help you to boost your metabolism, keep joints and muscles in great shape, set you up for longevity and improve your results.

Lifestyle Optimisation

We look at much more than diet and exercise. This is about every area of your life, fitting together and serving you, your goals and your family in order to bring long term success.

Daily Content

Through our coaching app, you will get daily recommended lifestyle activities to help you succeed and build lifelong skills that will serve you and your family for generations to come.


We will keep you accountable and help you stay on track for the whole program...and if you do get stuck, you can message us anytime!

Online Community

Daily, live calls with your coach and cohort. Share your journey, swap tips and ideas, and get support every step of the way.

Programme Benefits

All Day Energy

Feel on top form right through the day and achieve all that you want!

Bust Brain Fog

Move away from foggy thinking and find consistent clarity.

Lose Weight

Lose body fat, feel lighter

and move with confidence!

I would highly recommend the Whole Life Health 21 day reset to anyone looking to improve their health in a tangible, tasty, and thoroughly enjoyable way.

I went into the course looking to learn a few things and shift my diet to something more healthy, I felt that my energy throughout the day was not great, and I often felt hungry and had a sense that I was over-eating a little bit.

After embracing the primal diet and lifestyle during the 21 day reset, I have felt much healthier, I have had all day energy, and I have slept much better. I have also felt a lot more nourished by the food I’ve eaten which has actually resulted in me eating less overall.

Jake was a great coach throughout, he is very knowledgable, down-to-earth, and understanding of personal circumstances. He has lots of great wisdom on how to implement a healthier lifestyle, especially having been on the journey himself. The group learning environment is also great as it offers a chance to learn from one another, encourage each other, and share the journey. Jake is great at facilitating this and creating a fun, relaxed environment.

This course is a great investment in your health, and, by extension, your life. I’d encourage anyone to take the step and try it out!

Josh Armstrong

21 Day Whole Life Health Reset

12th May 2024

  • A 3-week lifestyle transformation

  • Rediscover teenage energy levels

  • Upgrade your metabolism

  • Support and accountability

  • Daily lessons for motivation

  • Daily community zoom calls

  • Access to an online community

  • BONUS Primal food guides

  • BONUS Primal infographic cheat sheets


Early Bird: £149


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a parent?

No, this course is perfect for pretty much anyone. But is structured in such a way as to be mindful toward those who are parents or live in a family where habit change can often seem harder than for those living by themselves. Many couples do the course together with great results.

Do I need a certain level of fitness?

No, absolutely all the movement and exercise suggested in the course can be tailored according to your fitness level. From complete beginner to seasoned athlete, there are options within the programme for you.

Do I have to attend every daily call?

No, all calls will be recorded so you won't miss anything. If you have specific questions you can always message your coach directly. Although calls aren't mandatory, those who attend regularly are more likely to get the best results from the 21 Day Reset.

What is the daily time commitment?

We recommend finding around an hour a day. Many of the suggested activities will fit in with your regular schedule and not require any adjustment. Many people find that the increased energy levels lead to greater efficiency and therefore the programme helps save time!

What if I fall off the wagon?

You'll get the best benefits with completing 100% of what is suggested however you'll still find significant benefits with somewhere around 80% compliance. Also, you'll be building skills that will serve you way beyond the 21 days. Don't let perfection get in the way of progress! On this programme there is no 'failure', only 'feedback'!

When are the daily calls?

Daily calls happen at 6pm UK time. Please check the time in your own time zone.

Millions of Lives Changed

Following a primal lifestyle, also known as an ancestral lifestyle has helped millions of people reclaim their health. With the input of a Primal Health Certified Master Coach you get access to 21 days of Primal programming plus the support of a behaviour change expert.

Join the 21 Day Reset Today

12th May 2024

  • #AllDayEnergy

  • Significant Weight Loss

  • Banished Brain Fog

  • Appetite regulation

  • Curbed cravings

  • Improved Sleep

  • Stress Regulation

  • Boosted Immune Function


Early Bird: £149


I started the 21 day reset feeling generally tired and achy, and suffering lots from hormonal issues resulting particularly in terrible sleep and daytime fatigue as well as mood swings and muscular aches & pains. I was keen to try and find ways to improve my general health and wellbeing, and to see if and how this lifestyle would help. I was also hoping to loose a little weight.

I have found the 21 day reset so helpful - Jake is really knowledgeable and the course is packed full of information presented in a really clear and concise way. There is plenty of opportunity to ask questions and refine what you're doing, and I really benefitted from taking part within a little community and learning from their experiences too.

Although it has been hard work initially to adapt to the changes (particularly dietary) it has been well worth it! I am sleeping better; have improved mood; have stopped having energy crashes mid afternoon; don't need snacks to keep me going; and have lost 9lbs in weight. The food I am eating is much better quality, and I am amazed how satisfied I feel between meals having dropped all grain derived food ... and it doesn't feel restrictive at all - definitely not like 'being on a diet'!

Most importantly, I am confident that many of the things I have learnt and introduced over the reset will be easily sustainable in the long term (lifestyle and exercise as well as diet), and I am looking forward to seeing continued improvements.

Thank you so much Jake for all your help, and giving me the kick-start I needed!

Julie Moore

21 Day Whole Life Health Reset

12th May 2024

  • A 3-week lifestyle transformation

  • Rediscover teenage energy levels

  • Upgrade your metabolism

  • Support and accountability

  • Daily lessons for motivation

  • Daily community zoom calls

  • Access to an online community

  • BONUS Primal food guides

  • BONUS Primal infographic cheat sheets


Early Bird: £149


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